Another Review coming for Part 2.

Another review is coming up for Part 2. The reader just acknowledged in an e mail that it would soon be out,  and that she enjoyed the book immensely. I actually cannot wait for her review to come out. She said she would help me with Part 3 in any way she could. She is definitely, what you would call, a book angel. There were a few of those that helped me out quite a bit in the last month or two. Their honest opinion of the book is help enough for any further writings that come out of the vault.

Today I put up a cabinet in the garage. Assembly went fine, but it seems that usually when purchasing these items, some holes do not line up with the others. I had to drill out 3 holes, for it to work. Then it all went together fine. That is why they offer it at such great prices, I suppose. Not many big items you buy at the local retail stores are all assembled. It took me an hour and a half to assemble it.

I was wondering if it would be better if a person just bought it all assembled. That would depend on how much your time per hour is worth to you. 20 dollars an hour? 10 dollars an hour? I was thinking about that while assembling the whole cabinet. I sometimes do make mistakes, when assembling these things. Then to tear it apart again, sometimes causes problems in stripping screws or scratching the finish.

This time today, it all went very smooth. I do like assembling things. I am fascinated by the engineering that goes behind it. The type of fasteners they use, the clips, the fashion in which to hide the designs imperfections to give a nice finish.  I would say, most of the time I do like assembling my stuff. But I can understand anyone who likes to have quality time doing other things. I feel the same, sometimes...

Till the next project, have a good afternoon..


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