A fan said she would do anything for a Part 3.

Ok, well, anything is not really necessary. What I really need is three things. Reviews (Decent), sales, then the inspiration usually follows to create or to continue to create something more....

Another said, "I will not be left hanging at a cliff hanger". But, yet, what a great time to be living on the edge! Beautiful view, no doubt..

All this small amount of forcing, does not yet stimulate my brain to produce Part 3....

Maybe a few more beer... No.. It takes money to have funny. I am just looking to break even, then maybe a Part 3 will be created. This could be in early 2013 or in the summer 2013..

But why wait until the summer... Who wants to read when at the beach? There are too many sea shells to collect during this time. Seaweed to roll up to make sushi a la plage... ;)

Till next time, looking for reviews and such...


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