40 % of Part 4 done

Writing of Part 4 has been moving along rather well. I stopped at this time, as I left it for when the main character is at a entirely different situation than the lovely one he was used to. It truly appears dire, for the main character.

I was worried that this Part 4 would be less funny than the other parts. But it appears to be flowing well, thus far. With a few reviews, it should come together alright. I need to keep in mind giving scenes to the other main characters, and not to leave any of them out. I find this is a problem that I have when writing. Trying also to place more focus on being more descriptive while being funny. Not just to have the funny moments in speech. This is also a challenge for myself, personally.

I may write tomorrow night if time permits. I have limited my writing for awhile, as I was unsure that Part 3 would even be published.  I have decided to change a small amount of the entrance to Part 3. I found it may have not served the book well at all, in being too serious. But that is for another day.

That is all for now, have a great week!!! Till next time...


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