33 % of Part 4 is complete.

Just decided to stop writing, just now. I felt I would once again, tire out the process, and lose focus of the characters and what not. 33 % is done. Still a long ways to go. I may not write for a little while, until next week as visitors maybe coming over this next bit.

Writing will have to wait, until next week now. This is alright, as it gives time to charge the brain, maybe pick up some new ideas, and spur more ink for the pages.

On the quality side, I am unsure if it is as good as Part 1 or 2. I think it is comparable, and with fine tuning it maybe one of the finest books that I can produce.

The danger to the planet is there. The hero is ready to take charge. Willing to go beyond, even face death, to find out what is going on in behind the scenes.

That is all I can say for now. I truly hope I can publish it.. I am still waiting for reviews. It would be nice to get a few sales too :) Till next time...


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