25 % of Part 4 now done.

Wrote a little bit of Part 4 the other day. A little over 25 % is now done. Coming along fairly alright. Allot of fine tuning required.

I definitely want to reach at least 200 plus pages. This time, I may go to 300 if I can find the links, or if the story can carry it that far. This Part 4 should be a signature series, or a special series. I was wondering to get it all done through hardcover. See if I could get it offered, in hardcover, gold leaflet. I am just not sure how to go about this one. It is like, a milestone, for myself personally. I always like holding on to the copy ahead of

Writing two books was something, but I was not sure to squeeze out 4 under the same title. But, I will wait until I am finished with this one. Long ways to go yet. Oh, but I forgot that the sales do not back it up either. I am unsure even to produce Part 3. Sales are still very weak, and reviews do not come in that fast. It just allows me for more time to contemplate my next moves. To publish or not to publish.

May write a little more this morning, as I have coffee at hand. Sunny here, will rain later in the day. Till next time..


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