You got to have a main theme in your book.

I was looking on a website the other day, and it said you have to have a main theme for your book to help it sell. 

I asked a friend of mine,  what did they think the theme of my book was.  The reply,  goofing off will help you go far in life.  I paused and I thought about that.  I responded,  I do not think that is really the main theme of the book.  Honestly,  it is about people who lost their way from home and somehow they come back.  I mean this,  in the freind way.  Finding bad freinds,  brushing them off,  but then realizing the old freinds were there when he needed them the most,  and returning to them again.  But,  I will leave it to everyone to find a main theme to the book.

I will phone Dog Ear today,  to determine where the sales information is.  I go to the sign on site,  and it is listed either under June 11 or for the year 11.  But,  they are still showing zeros.  Maybe this afternoon I will find that I have actually sold 10 books...


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