What gave me the reason for writing, and oh yeah, the new poll.

I was sitting down somewhere,  watching some comedy on tv.  I found at that time it was hard to find a good comedy out there.  I must admit,  today I love the Office.  And,  way back when,  I loved Threes Company with John Ritter.  I remembered,  my freind saying to me one time,  it just takes 50 pages for to create a manuscript.  Then,  I thought about how one time I read a one page weekly thing in the front of class,  and I remembered how everyone laughed.  In the end,  I said I have to give it a try.  And The Supermarket Guy is a culmunation of those thoughts.

The newest poll out,  is actually what you think when you haul up a chair in here and visit.  Since I could not post the June 15 th results because the book had come out to early ( first results out on July 15 th),  I said I might as well make it longer and make it interesting to see what the public things,  and how close they are to my numbers.  I will post the numbers from the Oct. 15th book volume sales as soon as possible.  Thanks for checking out my page...  Till then.


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