The Supermarket Guy Ranks High In Relevance...

Relevance.  They say your book has to have credibility and relevance to sell.  At least,  I know the public or whoever rates the book, thinks it has,  relevance.  My book ranks # 1 in Dog Ear Publishing 90 day as a new release relevance in the U.K.  And when you go through the 700s, in Dog Ear Fiction,  my book can fall anywhere from under 50 to 25 from the top.

Relevance is all about being current.  Pertinent,  having to do with todays social issues,  having to deal with todays society.

As far as credibility,  I can honestly say it is intrically put together.  Just the fact that the main character could and should have been fired several times in the book, and at the end it comes to a head.  The boss fires a warning shot, better be here at such and such a time or you will regret it.  And he does not appear that night.  How many second chances does a guy get?  Credibility also has to deal with the moral of the book,  which in plain sight can be seen, no one really gets fired.  Everyone deserves a second chance.  Maybe a third.  Till then....


oilers said…
The # 1 relevance ranking came to an end this late summer 2012.. Oh well... The top was nice for awhile!!

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