The Supermarket Guy, Dog Ear Publishing

Just as late,  I have checked my new books standing at dog ear.  It is 589 out of 652 standing in the fiction search for best selling overall.

The real question is,  does comedy fiction sell well?  I am unsure up to this point,  as I will only know in the coming weeks.  The company did a great job with the website,   I already got some great feedback from some people,  who liked the graphics.

Still,  I have qualms about publishing part 2 of the supermarket guy.  It just all depends on how well recieved the first one is.  As a wise man once said,  put your nose to what you are good at,  and to what you do not succeed at, let alone.  Maybe it was my father.  Oh well.

I also have ideas for at least another 3 books,  2 of the comedy genre.  But I have not even begun to write yet.  I see the usual books in the top 100 in amazon,  the Shania Twain bio,  The little boy who went to heaven,  and Steig Larssons books,  which I consider elite books.  Browsing through Dog Ear Publishing best selling ranks,  I can see they are all wonderful books pertaining to a certain class of reader.  I truly hope everyone can do well out there.

I will be posting my first June 15th sale results ( Hopefully they will be over 10). Chow for now...


oilers said…
Is this my very first blog piece? The Rankings today do not rattle my chain one bit. When I click on the popularity rankings at Amazon, I just go through the first two pages. My books, never reached that plateau. I guess comedic fiction does not sell well, now here in 2012...

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