The Super market guy?

One thing I can say about the whole process,  is that I thought the search for my book,  or website would have included the words supermarket together.

Instead,  I have to separate the words.  The Super Market Guy.  And,  I have to do this no matter where.  I go to, ca, uk, it is all the same.  I go to search for my website,  and I have to enter The Super Market Guy. 

I did get a website with my package,  but in the end,  so far until I get some sales results,  I am not even sure if it was worth it.  Only time will tell.  Maybe it will be in the end,  or maybe I am just misreading the whole thing.

Just the fact is,  any book over a hundred thousand place in Amazon,  you could maybe sell one book a month.  While,  sales are increasing for Amazon for my kind of book, as the digitial book shelf increases on their site.   This means,  sure, they may have a few hundred thousand books on their site, but in the end it all helps,  as a passing wanderer will someday pick up somebodies book.  Somebody who has written something to fancy someone out there.  As they all say,   there is a lid for every pot.  So is their a book for every reader out there.  Chow for now!


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