Rain for the weekend, lots of rain!

Up here on the North Shore of New Brunswick,  we are going to get some rain and allot of it.  Here I am chewing on a Jersey Milk Bar ( The most delicious bar out there),  thinking about what the heck to put in my blog. 

I finished my shift at work today,  and got burned by a steam line a little bit.  2400 psi steam line,  that I de-isolated from a permit,  when opening the valve up my arm over reached and it put a nice red line across my skins surface!  The skin bubbles with water after 12 hours or so.  Then it rips,  and becomes even redder.  I got a few  steam line marks before,  and sometimes take weeks to go a little invisible! 

But,  we Canadians are not only hearty,  we are tough as anywhere else!  This weekend I will be away from this blog,  so I wish my ten fans a great weekend ( and anyone else who may travel through!).  I will be back soon enough,  and by then after my retreat I may have some news to offer...  Till then...


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