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The process was long in proof reading and copy editing.

There is nothing more gruelling than reading your book upteen times.  The first spellcheck and grammer work to be done,  was free with Dog Ear Publishing.  The thing is,  I would put two spaces after a period, and even that had to be corrected.  All the way through the main body of the main text...

The cover was the easiest thing to approve,  and it came before all of this,  as the people at Dog Ear loved it,  which made it easier for me to approve it. 

Once approved,  the first pass came through.  I could tell by the typing of the Dog Ear staff, something was up.  MAKE sure you read your book again before approving, checking for any errors,  is pretty much what she said.  Then I had to read through it yet again, looking for anything that I overlooked.  I found 5 errors,  and I did not know how to spellcheck when using a PDF file.  Just below chapter 1,  I could not believe that we missed it on the spellcheck.  There was a sentence beginning with as,  and I had it marked as Aas...  Now what if it went through and it showed Ass when sold on the bookshelf...  I said to myself,  what is wrong with my reading!  On the first page of my crazy book! Dog Ear specifically stated it was a 25 dollar charge to start the process,  just to do corrections again,  and then a two dollar per error fee added on.  They let me off for this one.

Then,  the second pass came.  I found 2 errors in it yet again,  a PDF file that I could not learn how to spell check.  Dog Ear once again specifically stated it was a 25 dollar charge just to enter corrections,  then a 2 dollar per error after.  They paused, but they left me go at this one again.  And,  I was hoping at that point not to read my book for the hundreth time.  But it looked great as other people who read it in the end did not see any disastrous errors,  thank heavens!

The thing about the first spellcheck,  was all these enormous amount of text boxes at the side of the word perfect system.  Comments for "clarify this",  and "it is better said this way",  and every double space I put in that body,  I had to change to a single space after a comma.  Much like what I am doing here.  Any numbers under 100,  I think,  you can place in the text as a number.  I wrote out all of the numbers.  Tsk tsk.

I will make extra sure that the if I am lucky enough to put out Part 2,  I will make sure there is no double spacing after commas and periods before I turn it in.  Till tomorrow night...


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