More about the cover page, and sales...

The cover page, with Harold flying up in the air with the cart, also represents him soaring to new heights from where he started down below. The Supermarket is located down below, where he used to work.  Being new to his new found height, he is a bit scared, and his freinds are scared for him because of the new company he associates with.  Thus freinds hanging on his pants for dear life,  are the ones trying to correct his flight path, so to speak, or bring him down to earth again. 

As far as sales are concerned,  I called a Dog Ear Representative today.  She checked the release date of my book,  and replied that I would have to wait until July 15 th,  since my book was released a little late for any updates in May.  I put in a suggestion,  that what if a group at Dog Ear ( authors) could voluntarily give 10 dollars a month to a marketing program.  This program could just showcase the Dog Ear brand of books over some sort of radio or other media.  She informed me that they only produce the books,  and that to hire a publicist would be expensive.  I am unsure to the costs of such an endeavour, but I may look in to it.  She said it would be great if I could get a book signing event at a local bookstore in my area.  I nearly gasped, as in my area,  the bookstores are predominately french ( I read french books too),  but they do not carry many english books.  With such a small population in my area, I do not even know if it can help sell any books at all.  I would have to go to larger centers like Moncton or Saint John,  maybe Fredericton..  Anyways,  c est la vie! 


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