Is the main character really a bad guy? A character review.

Someone asked me that the other day.  Is the main character really a bad guy?  In my opinion,  he is not really a bad guy.  He is just a little rude and quick thinking.  For instance,  the way he treats seniors is only bad when he gets worked up.  If he is calm, and the storm is passed,  he usually treats the seniors with respect and dignity,  like when things went wrong at the market.  But let there be no doubt,  the main character was placed there in order to have certain mixed reactions and wrong feelings at the wrong or right time.  The way he treats his freind Steve,  as you may notice,  is usually always a little beneath him.  But,  yet Steve plays the nice guy and lets Harry take the lead.  Steve is usually the most rational one there,  and probably could do the managing job better than everyone there at the supermarket.  But he stays in the background,  maybe it is a little lack of confidence or ambition.

Lucie, on the other hand,  is the gullable school girl type character,  that believes everyone is nice and nobody is naughty.  She has some control over certain situations,  and is direct and a mediator.  As far as the villians are concerned,  well,  Bob is what he is.  High on himself,   possibly because of his success.  Dilley, the first villian,  is a control freak but he loses himself in the liquor he drinks.  Harrys' freind Brandt, is a cool shadey cat who is quick on the move to new things.  That pretty much covers some of the most devious characters..

But,  now an update on sales.  Dog Ear Publishing 594 out of 661 in Best selling category.  I am actually pleased with this number,  as there are 100's of thousands of books out there.  The press release is out,  and now I will wait for the June 15 th sale releases to see if a Part two is in the cards.  I have to admit I am a good auction player too.... 


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