How long did it take for myself to produce a book?

First,  I thought I could not do it.  But,  I wanted to try as I had this idea in my head in a general start. I would say the first copy was the shortest,  and I felt at first it should be put to a movie.  I tried searching on several sites,  but I found that as everyone knows, it is difficult to get to movie comedy producers and studios.  Especially living in a place in Atlantic Canada, as beautiful as it is. 

Approximately,  it took 8 months to complete book 1 of The Supermarket Guy.  I hung on to it,  for 7 years as I previously mentioned, due to the fact that I did not want to go first towards the book route.  It was a good thing in a way,  that I held on for 7 years because the book would have been 30 pages or so shorter than the original now out there at  Because of those years,  I added a little bit or finessed it.  I can remember,  just driving down the highway thinking of funny circumstances,  and how to incorporate them into my crazy book. 

To be quite truthful,  I can remember going to the theatres being dissatisfied with recent comedy releases.  Some comedies I used to watch,  I wanted to go home halfway through at the theatres.  But,  to the credit of the movie studios,  lately they have done a good job in the last few years of producing comedies,  such as the Hangover and Just go with It.

My second book took me much faster to produce.  It is on the shelf collecting,  you geussed it,  dust!  It took me around 4 months to produce The Supermarket Guy,  Part 2.  Luckily enough,  the writers flow continued in my veins and did not want me to stop.  I said to myself,  it will be difficult to produce a Part 3.  But,  hopefully some new ideas may come to fruitition.  I have thought already of 2 or 3 seperate types of comedies,  that I probably would work on first. 

I must admit,  a wife that works evening shifts and a case of beer helps when writing!


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