Here are some standing results just the same.

Canada, my native country,  gave me the worst standing today.  619 out of 622 books Dog Ear Fiction standing,  from 532 out of 617 on the 6th of June.

The United States of America, 598 out of 663 Dog Ear Publishing fiction.  This is from 546 out of 612  on June 6th.

The United Kingdom, 667 out of 772 books Dog Ear Publishing.  This is from a June 9 th result of 662-765. 

The worst change was in Canada. The next step for the Conservative government is to send me to their secret concentration camp located near the North Pole...  No,  actually it is in Toronto... Ahh, just kidding, I love Toronto!!  The other groups, such as in the U.S. is still 60+ over,  and in the UK still 100 + over.  I do not know why the amount of books totals varies per search,  some of it is due to new arrivals perhaps.  Like I told the Lady from Dog Ear Publishing today,  if I can sell a thousand copies then I would produce part 2.  In case my website is too far down to get off of the Blog List,  it is  .  I welcome everyone to go there to get a free "few first pages" sample of the book,  or just to check out the website colors and design... Something I will have to try to figure out on how to do here. Till next time...


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