Getting ITIN number from the United States

When I first recieved my authors contract from Dog Ear,  I also recieved an W8BEN sheet.  This was the form to fill after to the publisher,  I but I needed to get an ITIN by filling out a W-7 form first.  The ITIN is like a social security number for people outside of the United States, in order to gain access to some treaty rights.  The treaty rights between Canada and the United States on royalties for books, when having an ITIN is between 0 % and whatever rate they determine by their taxation laws.  Without the ITIN,  I would be charged 30 % interest on my revenues ( mind that it has to be over 1000 dollars,  before any taxation occurs in the U.S.).

So I filled out the W-7 form,  and gave the appropriate identification.  You can have just alone your passport,  or both your drivers license and another piece of identification as listed on their website.  You can go to a magistrate,  to make copies of them if you wish.  The IRS will send back the identification,  so everyone says,  but if you need your papers for any business expect them to be gone for a good while of time. Maybe 8 weeks or longer.  Now,  as my luck would have it,  there is a Canada Post strike on hand now.  I do not expect to be done of this business anytime in the near future,  as my application got a 60 day wait period stuck on to it.  I sent them a paper from Dog Ear publishing with addresses and such,  but it was not good enough for them.  They wanted,  written,  signed paper from their accountants with the account number on it for payment.  I had everything but that,  so it seems I may have to start all over again.    For real information on this subject ( As it can change anytime),  please visit the IRS or phone them to get the real up to date goods.

To all the fathers out there,  Happy Fathers Day!


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