Doing shift work and publishing a book

The book process started around January 12th,  and the press release was on June 10th.  It was a long wait,  in my view, but I am usually impatient with everything.  When I got a job to do,  and had time to do it in the afternoon,  I would try to do it as soon as possible.  It is just the way I am.  Sometimes I think this is not as good as it may seem. 

The only thing tough about it,  was when I would get a spellcheck or a proof after working a night shift.  You feel droggy,  and you know you need the sleep to perform well at night.  And if you do not get enough sleep,  per 3 or 4 night shifts,  I personally found my immune system gets weaker and I was more susceptible to colds.  The mind just gets weaker,  and less focused.  They say once you get into your mid 40 s,  shift work is much harder than when you were younger.  And,  it does take years off of our lives, so the experts say.

But,  when I would recieve the spellcheck or proofs after a night shift,  I would feel necessary to cut the time of my sleep during the day and chug along at it at least 2 hours on a day.  I was thinking I just had to get it done fast as possible to help the publisher get it out there much faster as well.  Where if I was lucky to get 6 hrs of sleep after a night shift,  I was getting probably 4 hours when something arrived next to a night shift.  Luckily enough, during this time our shifts went fairly smooth and no disruptions occured.  Maybe the reasons for my poor spellchecking during the first few drafts...


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