Dog Ear Publishing Contract

What I find absolutely beautiful about doing business with Dog Ear,  is that I keep exclusive rights to my work.  The other thing,  is I can cancel the deal at anytime.  And they will send me back all digital storage of my work, as if it all never was.

They prefer the arbitration process would go through mediators first,  before going to a court,  should a disagreement arise.  It does state that every other alternative should be tried before going to a court, should any problem arise.

The only thing with Dog Ear Publishing,  is that they do not do much advertising for an author.  They give tips, or if you pay 2000 dollars they can send your information to 10 000 media outlets.  If you pay 2650 approx,  you can get a New York Times review.   With the masterpiece package I took,  it was sent to 1000 media outlets. 

I would think, if and when I produce Part 2,  it would help Part 1.  Usually a sequel could do better than the first,  or bring in more attention to the first.  But,  that is all in the cards...


oilers said…
Time flies.. Part two is now done!!! Got a little better deal than last time!

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