The cover page for my book.

I had the cover page for my book thought out approx. 4 months before publishing.  When time came to publish,  Dog Ear asked me what I wanted for a cover.  When talking to the representatives,  they replied that they would use clip art and some background colors to try to capture what I wanted.  When describing a picture over the phone,  it is hard to do,  for anybody.  In the end,  they asked me to draw it out and scan the picture to them.  After two hours of work, it was done.

The cover page had to be symbolic of what the book was all about.  The main character going for a wild ride,  taking his freinds along with him.  His hands on the cart,  flying in the air,  with his friends hanging on for dear life ( who tried to hold him down from take off in the first place). 

Dog Ear wrote back that,  they loved the cover that I produced.  I gave the go ahead to place it on the front,  and they cut out the logo to the back.  It was,  what I thought was going to be the most gruelling process turned out to be just a two day thing.  I had to run around a little bit to find a scanner that could scan greater than 300 dpi.  Luckily in the small area where I live,  there was one 15 miles away...

Getting back to the cart on the front of the book,  it much represents in a small way our own experiences when we are out with a cart.  We never know what old acquaintances we will meet,  what we will buy,  or what impressions we take from the journey.


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