Beautiful June weather is finally here!

The weather out today is fantastic.  As was yesterday,  as June seemed to pass by fleetingly.  We recieved mostly rain for the month of June,  and the lobster season will end in New Brunswick within a few days of now. We can only hope that July will bring us allot of that summer sunshine before the snow arrives.  The Bay temperature is 16.5 C,  in the Bay of Chaleur.  Soon we will be able to swim in the Bay if we get a few hot days of weather.

The Canada Post strike is over in Canada as well.  Legislation has forced them back to work.  I expect my office box to be overflowing with mail.  My ITIN information,  a process which I will have to start all over again.  But if my book never sells,  I will never need one at any rate.  My Part 2 is all spell checked,  but I will read it over a few times to see if everything is in order.  I typically find spell checking helps with new ideas to go through the main body of the text.  As I make corrections in reading a sentence,  I try to say, now why did I do it that way,  this way is better.  And so forth.  It is good to jot little ideas down on paper as you sit down anywhere, to add to your books story.  Do it as fast as you can,  as those ideas may come then go forever.  Till the next post...


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