Back from Bas Caraquet!

My small vacation from Bas Caraquet was wonderful.  Even though it was cloudy at times and rained the whole time through.  We visited allot of relatives,  and my wife broke the news about my books release.  First,  the father in law did not believe it,  and said that it was someone else with the same name that done the book.  The others were suprised,  but welcomed the effort.

Once again,  I have to spellcheck the part 2 of the Supermarket Guy.  I have to have it on the ready,  in case I actually achieve my thousand sales.  It may take 5 years,  but I know I can achieve it...  Well, maybe.  So later on tonight,  I will be erasing the double spacing from the periods, and doing the spellchecking as best I can.  The less mistakes I make,   the less Dog Ear will charge me per copy after it is done.  I better get to work...  Till then...


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