The Supermarket Guy's Christmas special part 2 with Talk Show host Gradestoopid!

Gradestoopid twirled his pen and rolled his eyes "What in the bloody blazes can you do with clothes pegs, or pins.. Whatever! I have a few here in my desk, actually"  He placed one on his nose and began to chirp.

"My name is Harold Wannapus, total loser and jerkaholic" as he began to talk in a low pitched voice, with the clothespin pegged on his nose.

The Harold friendly crowd began to boo Gradestoopid.

Harold took a clothespin and began to press on the "V" end of it.

"Well, I usually like to make a clothespin house out of them. If I really get bored, I put clothes out on the line to dry. Try to tell that to my wife, she seems to always gets her pinky finger caught into the end of the pin. Ouchy wouchie!"

Gradestoopid sighed and took his pin off of his nose "Definitely you are no Jonathan Acadou, fashion haute couture specialist, runway madness man! If all that is what you were going to do, to come on here and talk about clothespins, then I would have just left you home for a telephone call in special, that is it, you total clown!"

Harold paused and hooked two clothespins to his man nipples and moved his shirt off for the crowd. The crowd applauded, women fainted on the floor.

"Yeah, want some of this! Painful but fun, that is what I do in my spare time, baby!"

Gradestoopid bawked "Put your shirt back on, and take those off, this is a family show!"

Harold got up and smiled "I got a trick, I can do this impression that looks exactly like our host. I can make the sound like him too!"

Gradestoopid held up his hands on his head "Do not do it. Do not place that on your mouth, and make any kind of funny sounds on this here show!"

Harold shrugged and hauled down his pants "Who said anything about putting that clothespin on my mouth. When I fart, if I put the clothespin on my overly large butt lip and close it off a little bit, it sounds exactly like..."

The end...


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