Supermarket Magnet and CEO Harold Wannapus sits down with Talk Show Host Flunky Gradestoopid

Harold Wannapus walked towards Gradestoopid's desk, on his live talk show. It was a Christmas special, and he was going to get roasted tonight by Gradestoopid... The host got up to shake his hand as he approached, and both sat down with Mr. Gradestoopid sitting behind his desk.

Mr. Gradestoopid smiled and tilted his head "So Harold, great to have you on our show. After several years of dodging our calls, running away from our paparazzi, burning our mail invites on your very popular sudoko television channel you host, finally we got you right where we want you. In the sweat seat!"

Harold tilted his back foward, and he could feel a layer of sweat on his back. He then stood up, and turned around. A circle of sweat was seen on his buttocks area, as the crowd laughed and jeered.

"So you had that greasy slimeball, Jonathan Acadou on here just before me? Usually he trains like a sweat hog in the gym. If I would have known you were classless enough to bring a guy like that on your show, I would have stayed home and played with a box of clothes pins" He sat down again on the sweaty seat, not caring about the liquid drench he accumulated on the cloth sofa.

Gradestoopid laughed "You would rather play with clothes pins, than talk to the great Gradestoopid? Typical of you to do something strange as such. And yes, the great Acadou was on the air last night. His godly sweat never dried up yet! You are some lucky to be absorbing that sweet smelling stuff right now"

Harold laughed "Yeah, his sweat is more like snowblower grease in minus 30 weather. Clothespins, yeah you know I just move the back end of them and the front moves just like your mouth and just like you they never say much of anything intelligent but cold air in the room. Some people call them clothes pegs, your head looks like a wooden peg with lots of sap in it.."

Gradestoopid paused and looked at the crowd that applauded Harold "I had royalty on here last night, and tonight for this Christmas special I have a guy who talks to clothespins! Total loser!"

To be continued...


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