Waterman the good but lucky fireman!

Waterman was at the firehouse checking extinguishers for their due dates, when suddenly an alarm came into the firehouse!

A call came in generating an alarm to get mobile right away to save the villages precious library of stick figure only books...

Waterman screamed at his colleagues, who were grasping the steel shiney pole that lead down to the first floor to the firetrucks "Guys, we got to get to the village library! I never understood those stick figure, picture books with no words in ' em, but I could not read either when I was a big man. I will bring my camera to shoot every page while you guys hold back the flames, if I must, to perserve the village heritage.. Heck, they say there is a stick man picture book of me swimming nude in Daytona beach while seeing my..."

Raphotilia yelled "Shut up, Waterman, and stop your audio book lecture with zero admirers about a story that no one obviously has time to listen to! Put on your helmet, your flame retardent suit, and remember to turn on the oxygen to your bottle! Last time you drove the fire truck you forgot to turn on the oxygen valve and nearly suffocated behind the wheel causing a thousand car pile up on interstate busy wild!"

Waterman donned on his equipment with his facemask, as it began to fog up. He missed the pole and landed straight on Raphotilia who just slid down the pole a second before Waterman, the flame supressing superhero, fell down the hole just above her. He got up and lifted up his mask "Man, I missed that pole there, good thing I landed on our hydrant peeing dog, Booko! I could have got killed!"

Raphotilia got up slowly "You idiot, you fell on my breasts, that was not Booko our dog! Now, see, the garage door is opening for the firestation and we are not even yet planted on top of the hood of the firetruck! Get going quickly, we need to save our stick figure book library, or we will be lost!"

Waterman nodded as he just grabbed the back handle to the firetruck "No fears, Raphotilia! I filled the truck up with water this morning, placing the fill line into that large brown pond across the firestation!"

Raphotilia shook her head and yelled "That is the bloody sewerage processing tank facility for the whole village of stick ville! You idiot!"

To be continued...


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