A garden sprouts forth hope

Thundernose immediately backed up and threw his tail of steel, that dog wagging sign of happiness, into the hamster wheel.

The wheel then flew apart in a million pieces, firing outward due to its great centrifugal force. A wheel bearing flew and hit Minolita in the forehead, knocking her unconscious.

The hamster flew to the side of a barn, who began to chirp and become aggressive to Thundernose, the superhero dog, for destroying his only day to day fun activity and aerobic exercise. The super dog just swiped her paw at the hamster at a near speed of light speed, which flung the highly metabolic hamster into a triathlon, where the small animal could probably come in a tight second last against "doughnut ball Jep"

Mattpluck turned around, with a tongue hanging from his lips to his bellybutton. He began to talk with a strange accent "Frigging Dog! Where were u when da hamster started tuning da wheel? How come u did not safe me earlier!"

Thundernose just rolled over and barked in the beautiful summers heat.

To be continued...


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