Doctor Insano starts selling bottled water....

Doctor Insano was at his desk, figuring out how to make more money. Sure, he had lots of healthy patients, and that was not making him any richer at the moment, right now. The governments preventative health care, yoga, and heavy taxed calorie reduced beer was working...

But Doctor Insano, had a idea.. A bottled water plant.. He had the money, the intelligence, to get this operation going.. His wife, and his son who liked to play nintendo all day, could help him realize his dream of massive profits... And why not?

He then placed a submersible pump into his frog pond out back... Pumped it through a sock, to get rid of the green ting to the sour tasting water.. Eureka! He had done it..

He needed a nifty name to explain the sour, and smelly taste of the water... He needed a macho name for his water, in order to mask the smell and the sour taste.. He called it, Bear Pee H20. On the bottle, there was a slogan- It may make you jump a little higher, dance a little wilder, but its awesome, grotesque taste may leave you with a mild case of the lockjaw!

His bottle sales were incredible. He was selling his water to teenagers, all over the globe. At 50 cents a bottle, and with a sporting legend leading the way from the tree climbing olympics, how could he go wrong?

His son one day, started to play on his Nintendo again. The sock blew a hole in the pipe from being plugged with green slop from his frog pond, and all of a sudden frogs, mosquitos, and a pair of his old cruddy underwear got pumped into his bottles, all way down the assembly line.

From there, the teenagers were drinking the God like drink in massive quantities. They were getting sick on his supposedly wild, fresh water refreshing drink. Suddenly he was making massive money at the hospital, treating teenagers for diarrhea, vomiting, and an addiction to watching Kermit the frog.

The situation was getting so bad, that all over the world, Presidents and Sultans banned his drink from the market. So bad was the situation, the police came down and so did the public health authorities, and Ron Burgandy. There, they found the hole in the sock by taking it out of the piping system, as the announcer placed it over his head showing it as a green, slimey, ski mask.  Great for the winter slaloms.

So Doctor Insano went to jail, as his son continued the operation by replacing the sock with one of his old shower caps he used back in 1972.....

The end..


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