A 4 star on 5 review from Goodreads...

Today, I garnered another 4 on 5 star rating, and review, from Goodreads.  A very good review, as this person admitted the story was indeed funny, and different.

Below is the link to the review. Just scroll down to the review section to see it, as this was probably the one of the best reviews of the book ever. This review is for Part 3, of The Supermarket Guy.


This is exactly how the book was exposed to connect with people,  which I have failed to do.  The ladies comment at first as to -  "wtf am I reading? " ,  but in the end, she totally understood what she was reading.

It all came together at the end.. Yet there are so many themes to the book... That was not discussed in this review, either...  But, did a good job in conveying the message that the book is just pure fun, and zany.

Yep. That is how the world was exposed to  perceive the book as a total throw back to conventional literature, in a sense that it all really does connect at the end.  If a person would read it a few times, they could make many more connections to many real world scenarios....

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