Another 5 on 5 star review from Goodreads.

I now have 6 - 5 on 5 star ratings, 3- 4 on 4 ratings, 1- 3 on 5 star ratings, and one - 1 on 5 star rating, for my book on Goodreads.

The last 5 on 5 star rating that I got just a little while ago, was a complete surprise. I had to look real hard to find the rating, but it was hidden there in the 5 on 5 star column. It tells me that the book is another strong arm to the series, and that it has outperformed my expectations thus far.

I am thankful for this, even though the sales have not been there. As it stands now,  it is R.I.P. for "The Supermarket Guy" series, and the hero, Harold Wannapus. He will not make it for a Part 4 series, as the Mozart Requiem plays on from Part 3. I will continue to post a few updates on here, but eventually, I may deconstruct this site come near December should things not improve.

I will always have my Goodreads presence, hopefully, and the books should always be available for sale, unless I would like them to become Antiquarian. I could haul them off the shelves also, maybe next year, as a business loss.

But, December is a long time away... Till next time.


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