56 pages of Part 3, The Supermarket Guy done

56 Pages of the Supermarket Guy Part 3 is done. It is coming along well, and is flowing very good. I would not know which is really more funny. 1, 2, or 3, as three is developing into a strong comedy as well.

It will be nice to see which one people finds the best. I only hope I can have the will to produce part 2, then 3 within the next year. I still have a long ways to go to finishing part 3. I sometimes have to stop myself, so that I do not burn myself out of ideas and maybe do something in the wrong direction.

I found out today that my back garage door is rubbing against the side of the garage panels. I need to contact the contractor to check it out. It was not moving smoothly either. It was hard to move up and down for awhile. Someone else was smart enough to point it out to me. It is good to get a second opinion, all the time, when things go awry, or you are stumped on some problem that needs a solution. Well, time to go to bed.. Have a good night, till then...


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