I walked through a tranquil forest searching for birch bark...

I stopped my car on the busy interstate,
swerving off to the curb,
I ran into the wooded forest at a high rate,
getting away from the noisy suburbs,

When I then could see fir trees,
for all the miles past me,
but then there appeared,
it was so weird,

A man playing a flute,
shaven head,
he held no bad repute,
and looked like he was well fed,

His tune was seductive,
as the birds in massive flocks,
tweeted around him loud as a ruckus,
I flung up my sweat filled socks,

as I could see a birch tree next to a lark,
I said I better do this before it gets dark,
so I ripped of a sheet or two,
as my face turned blue,

from holding it in that long,
I forced until all the sound stopped...



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