Part 4 's progress to date

Part 4 has been moving along rather well. Thought of a few more ideas, and the motion of events keeps expanding, the crazy situations keep extending outwards too.

I have probably, roughly, two more scenes to complete to get to the 99 % completion factor, as described below. I expect this week to obtain the 99 % factor, and then the other 1 % is cleaning up the text, which grammar and punctuation will be corrected to the best of my ability.

When in the 1 % zone, it means when proofreading it, many changes could occur within the text. This was briefly described below as well.

Not sure if this book will compare in length to Part 3. It will probably be closer in length to Part 2, but one can never tell.

The main character always seems to have a hard time with one of his friends in each volume, and this one is no different, due to the mismatch in personalities.

Right now, I have to figure out how the main character gets out of an explosive situation. Need to do some real, deep thinking. A writers block has developed. I could skip it, or minimize the effect, but I will continue to try to make it work.

Till next time..


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