Might as well post the review right here, as Goodreads does not at times put the latest review at the top:

"The Supermarket Guy 3: Supermarket Dominium" which I won through Goodreads Giveaways is the next book in a series that looks at the madcap hijinx in the food industry as Jon Acadou' s foster son not only concocts an ambitious plan which includes the control of his foster father's supermarket empire but also conquest of the world. The story begins with CEO Harold Wannapus's desire to grow his supermarket business while his rival John Acadou is behind bars when suddenly his customers are clamoring for edmundo's products. With Acadou's escape from prison and his newfound faith he does little to stem Edmund's diabolical plan which includes development of a mind-controlling drug to be distributed in their cola product. Only when Jon teams up with his rival Harold can the two stop Edmund's plan to dominate the world.

As the quirky events unfold the laughter doesn't stop especially with near death experiences and a sinister plan. Cleverly Daren Doucet has created an imaginative comedic lampoon with outrageously silly characters who add their own brand of energy and quirkiness to the tale. I just recommend that the author replace the cover to something just as cartoonish but more professional. 


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