Wrote another 8 pages of Part 4

I wrote another 8 pages of Part 4 tonight. I am finding this book more difficult, as perhaps the flow is not coming to me as quick as usual. I was inspired by the review I had gotten, the other day.

This means the book is 25 % done, in respect to the other books that I have created in the past. I am hoping I can think of different ideas, new ideas, to keep the flow going. Writers block does happen, but it can be cured with time.

I do feel bad for writers who are writing against a deadline. The pressure, the intensity, the instant of when they have to release what they had too soon. Writers block is not fun for some.

I do not know if i do have any gusto left, in producing what I did in Part 1 and 2. Part 3 does have to be fine tuned. I think it can come close to Part 1, but Part 2 is so far the best in the reviews that I have achieved thus far at Goodreads.

The situations in a book, always have to lead to more fun, when writing humor. You always hope it will always most importantly link up, and lead you into more fun at the end.

Till next time...


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