Thanks for the entries!

My second contest on Goodreads, has been a tremendous success! I would like to thank all contestants for entering. 620 people entered to win, which was up from 407 from the first contest I held.
And the contest still has 8 hrs to go, so still roll in and you may still have a chance to win!
This will be the last contest for a bit. I will be reviewing the reviews, seeing what pours in. Remember, you the reader, are the determining factor if I should continue on my writing  journey.
I have Part 3 waiting on the shelf, collecting dust. Part 4, is on hold. Waiting for those precious reviews, and feedback from the lifeblood of the writing industry. You. The reader.
Without these reviews, I am a duck a l orange in the water, with a duck unlimited hunter firing bazooka rounds at me…
Help the little duck, continue paddling… Paddling, away to a new pond… A safe place, where I can write without the blasts of bazookas wringing in my ears…
Have a great afternoon,  till next time….


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