Someone called me the Matrix the other day.

A friend at work called me the Matrix, the other day. A great film, which produced a huge fan base as well. I remember those films, and the slow bullets being dodged by the person slowing down time.

They joked that I could slow down a second where they could not see me looking at their cards. Me and my partner won at cards, all night. We did not lose, one game. Just luck, no matrix required. I really did not bid much, and just happened to catch the cards that they were going on. My partner, bid all night, and our cards hit well together. These things, are just luck and just happen.

So far, my book has 377 contestants to try to win a book! I am 40 away from passing my old total. I think that I will surpass it, but by how much, I would gather maybe around a total of 500 plus or minus. This is my calculated guessing, kicking in again.

Checking again at all the great books amassed at the Goodreads giveaways, it is truly amazing how some books do garner a few thousand applications to win. They truly have something going for them.

No new reviews yet, and that sucks big time.. Have a good night, till next time...


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