7 Days until my Contest is over!

Less than 7 days to go, and my Goodreads Global Giveaway will be over.

Already, 344 people have signed up to win a free, autographed copy of my book. It will be interesting if it beats the total of 407 approx. people who signed up for my past giveaway.

The first giveaway was not truly global as the last, having only the USA and Canada at the time.

I also find that the amount of people joining the giveaway gets to be more and more each day, as it crawls its way to the front page of the giveaways that are nearly done. I remember the last few days of the first giveaway, gave me 80 or so people in one day to join the giveaway.

After this, I am truly unsure what to do. I will take a short break from the giveaways. I need to muster my energy to try to get people to review it. I think the bad side of the giveaways, are allot of inaction. People are not going to read your book, as long as it is in a giveaway. This is natural. They are waiting to win the book, in order to read it, which takes a month or so to end. This takes allot of time, to get reviews.

Besides that, things have been quiet for me in the book world. Till next time.


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