There is even a list of worst books, on Goodreads.

Fascinating. I just this morning, typed in the words, worst books in my search engine. And, the first thing that popped up was a list from Goodreads. There, people cast votes for the worst books they had ever read. The first 10, were famous books, which garnered some famous films from them. Some of them, cult followings, for the books.

I rested a bit. I looked at the thousands of votes cast, for just a famous book that is a famous film. I sighed. I wondered how it could be? And, I wondered how a list could ever exist. But, there it was, as you can readily access as well.

I then took a sip of my blueberry tea. I then realized, that even the hot published books can have their sour days also. I ran down the next ten, as famous radio personalities, more divas, a president, and some religious books hung their hats. You look on other sites like Amazon, and you will see even some well respected classics on there. Unbelievable...

Here is at least, the link to the Goodreads one:

Being a self published author, in fairness, I have to say that at least these people made their money. The did, very well, with what they put out. Myself, I will be lucky if I even break even. But, it places my bad review I had yesterday on even ground. Till more reviews come my way.... Till next time....


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