Someone compared "The Supermarket Guy 2" to a film today.

Someone compared "The Supermarket Guy 2" humor style to the "Army of Darkness".

The Army of Darkness is a film I never seen. It was released in 1993, and about a discount store employee who is time warped to a medieval time (from Imdb) movie database.

The only small similarities I see, is that both articles are about employees of a store. Interesting how, someone would compare it to that film. I may rent the film now, If I can get a hold of it, to watch to see what happens in there. But, no where does my character in the book I wrote goes back in time, like this character in the Army of Darkness. As the review continues, he then looks for a special book to save the situation, but instead reads it backwards, which releases an unfortunate army of skeletons against the land...

Maybe it is our writing styles that are similar. Interesting. It has a 7.6 out of ten ranking on Imdb.

Besides that, not much new.. Still holding the fort down, till next time


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