New Contest has gotten 72 contestants in 12 hrs.

I have now 72 people signed up to win a free "Rise of the Market Overlord" book, just in approx. 12 hrs. This is better than the 10 or so, I had in the first day when the first contest had originally opened.  If I am lucky enough to see the numbers continue to grow, at the very end of the contest, it should blow away the first one by a long shot.

And, this time, I am in'the real' middle of the pack in the contests. There are other contests that are definitely garnering more contestants ( some in the hundreds), but this time my book is in the middle of the pack for gaining contestants. Very happy with the results, so far, and hope they will continue. Here is the new link to the contest. Join Goodreads, and experience books like you never have before!

Till next time...


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