My energy has waned for the book process.

I am beat. I do not want to admit defeat, but I am nearly there.

My energy has waned for the book business. It moves to slow, for this seemingly impatient, fast moving guy. I have nearly 60 people signed up to read my book, but when will they ever get to reading it, and finally reviewing it.

My giveaway will be done in approximately 8 days. Maybe after then, I will get some reviews. I will need good reviews, or fairly good ones, to keep going with the series.

Will Supermarket Dominium find its place in the publishing house?  Or will it find its recluse, forevermore, in the dark abyss of the dust bin of lost eternity?

The prognosis looks bad, so far. Can a glimmer of hope appear, to save the series.. Egad.

The book business, is terribly slow. It moves at a turtles pace, for this man. It sounds, like it is the end of the line for this book author. Yet, many like me, have went the way of the dinosaur. Fossilized in time, for maybe a future world to unearth the book and gaze and wonder upon its creator. Who was it?

The future, finally, someone may care. I need to put my book into a sealed, titanium, vacuumed, locked, container.

Have a great night, till next time.. While trying to figure out, my next gig...


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