Lice ain' nice!

A friend of mines kid has Lice. A long time ago, lice was considered a thing caused by filth. How little do we know, that it is actually dirty heads that lice try to avoid. If you wash your hair every day, then lice will love you.

It can happen to anyone. If your kid is close to another kid, touch hair, share hats, it can happen as easy as that. Kindergarten, is a great place for it to happen.

You can get special shampoos for to wash it out. There are some areas which claim that super bugs have now been created, or super lice, that are resistant to these special shampoos. Also, if you are pregnant, check to see if you can use them first. The chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, and may have ill effects for the pregnancy.

There are natural products out there to use, that are deemed safe for child bearing moms. Tea tree oil is said to help to get rid of lice. Also, olive oil is said to coat the head, and smother the lice, making it unable for them to get air for to breath. It makes hair slippery so they cannot lay eggs on the hair strands. Mayonnaise over your head, is said to also block oxygen to the lice, smothering them away bit by bit. Leave the mayonnaise on for a good period of time, for it to be effective.  Also, gels maybe used, to get them away from your scalp, doing the same thing.

The bad part about it, is that you may not show the symptoms of lice, for many days later. It takes time for the eggs to hatch, a person may not know it until then.

Well, no news on the book front. Till next time, keep your hair short and do not touch hair with anyone..


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