Fresh Mackeral in the Pot tonight!

I went to the fish shop today. I bought 4 big, humongous Mackeral, at 2 dollars a lb. It comes to, 5 and some change, but they are all cleaned and the heads are chopped off of them...

I cut them in two, and boil them in a pot for 10-15minutes. Do not boil them too long, just until the meat turns white. At the same time, I got some chow and potatoes ready to go.

A bit of butter and salt on top of the Mackeral, and now you are talking something delicious. Just a point to add, there are allot of people who do not like the texture of Mackeral. Some people do not like its thick texture as compared to the lighter Cod, Haddock, ect. But, for many of us, it is a good fish and it is caught locally. You can fry the fish also, and it does taste very good. On the BBQ, or even in the oven. No problemo.

Herring would be good too, and it is. But, the work at getting the bones out, is very hard indeed. Some people like salted herring up along this way, but I never cared too much for the salt taste of herring. On the other hand, I like it fried in a pan. You can remove the bones fairly easily, if you get a certain movement with the fork against the fish. Very good, when it is caught fresh off of the boat.

This is the high time for the Mackeral season around this area. I usually go fish them myself, but I have been so busy with affairs as of late, that I let this go. Maybe tomorrow night, if things permit, I may go fishing. Depends on the weather, and the weather this past month has been much to the rains favor.

Have a fishy weekend, till next time...


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