First bad review today.

I had the first, bad review of my book today. A one star out of 5. The person said plainly, the book did not do anything for this person. I am glad the person was honest.

This is alright, and I knew there was going to be criticism coming from some places in some areas of the world. I love criticism, as I know the book is not for everyone. The world would be a boring place, without the critics. I am a critic too, after all.

I will be watching the reviews ever so closely. If I do get too many bad reviews, it will definitely end my writing career. Which, is alright too. I can focus my energies elsewhere, and try something else for a change. Maybe open a business, later on, when I get things a little more in check.

Yep, one star out of five. The other reviews, should be interesting too. As I have said, if I get too many under 3 stars, it means something is too out of whack for me to continue...

Till next time...


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