Does an writer lose a bit of his ideas when writing on forums.

Last night, I went a little crazy on twitter. I thought, I put up some great humor on there, and then it became lost forever. You can get into conversations with special people on there, and create quite the situation comedy, depending on what you are talking about. It would have been a great sitcom, for twitter, I thought. I said, man, that would have been good in one of my newest books!

Being new to writing, you always wonder if you will run the tap dry, and then you will not be able to think about these funny or odd moments in life later on when you really need them to finish off a book.

As in here, I try to be not too funny. As you can see, most of my blogs have pretty dry stuff in them, or maybe some of it is general knowledge and not too long. Allot of the blogs on here is about where I live, or may include a little personal life. At times, I believe that perhaps my blogs are too short. Other times, I think they are alright. Just enough for someone, to get a little insight into how a writer thinks about the new process of being a writer. An unsuccessful one, albeit.. I cannot quit my day job, that is for certain...

I have been in the book business for over a year now. This has been the climax for myself, right here. Whether to publish another book, or just leave the books collecting dust. I have two book versions, a book of poems, and The Supermarket Guy Part 3 : Supermarket Dominium.  And even the longer you leave the book sit on the shelf, the more ideas pop into the head about the ending, or even about how things work in the middle of the book. More changes? Perhaps, in due time, but as just discussed in the top of the paragraph, my energy for writing has taken a dive.  The book business has been very slow, for this author. Only 2 reviews thus far, few sales, so the car is again in park. I will let it go awhile longer, to determine my next steps..

Have a great day, till next time..


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