Blog is frozen in time.

Yes, my blog is frozen in time. I was away for awhile, as thoughts were running through my head. As an author, this is my situation as it now stands.

1600 plus followers on twitter. 55 approx. people to read my book on Goodreads. Over 5000 hits on E blogger. I could have had more, but I fell off the wagon.

I just lost my drive, in the summer heat, to continue the pace. Even on twitter, my progression has stalled to somewhat of a slower pace of advertising, albeit, smarter...

I realized, perhaps, that my strategy has been going the wrong way to selling my books for the longest time. It takes, reviews, to get things done. Reviews mean, everything. Am I wrong in thinking this way?  I made major mistakes with my first book, in not getting reviews for it. It put me back, by miles, in getting myself established.

To be quite honest, now I am just waiting for some reviews to reel in. If they are good, then, I continue my voyage in writing. If they are even middle of the road, I may continue. As, even middle of the road reviews, could mean my writing could improve over time with a little help and patience. Right now, I have at my disposal, many reviews to come in. It is just going to take time, to get them on the radar. Some people have several hundred books ahead of mine, to read. But, a few are reading it, right now.. So it appears, I will have some news this week on their reviews..

Have a good evening, till next time...


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