A chipped paint under the wheel well.

I found a chip under my wheel well, under my truck two weeks ago. I took it to the dealer, where I found out it will cost approx. 340 dollars to do the two back sides under the wheel wells only, and rock guard them or rock coat them. Might as well do the two sides, since one is already defective.

Then, the body shop is busy for two weeks or so. Tomorrow I will bring it in, to see if I cannot get my vehicle painted then. I am afraid it may spread to the side of the vehicle (rusting), as the rust has definitely got worse over the period of two weeks. We live on the coast, near a salt water bay. This exasperates the rusting effect, as we can smell the salt in the air during hot days, where we live.

Nothing new to report on the book front. Only, that two reviews from readers are coming up. I am anxious to see what they say about the book. I drew out the rough copy for the cover of my book of poems... It has a very interesting title, to boot.. A title, never thought of in the world of poetry books... Definitely, unique.. Have a good day, till next time..


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