500 days of summer

Watched "500 days of summer" the other night with the wife. Another, chick flick, I guess...

But, it was interesting enough. How a man can fall in love with a truly independent thinking woman, someone who does not want to be tied down, and how certain ruts along the way can be devastating to something that is actually building up.

It does play on the question of "Is it meant to be?".  Very interesting ending, as the climax is quite a shocker.  If you put yourself in that situation, and try to feel for the person being affected, it is quite a thing. It is a deep, profound, biting feeling when something like that happens.

It is a quirky film, and I assume that is from the directors style. It follows the style of an old tv series, I thought, of "Pushing Daisies" a little bit. I did not care for the style that much, but some people may like it. The shoots of people in a dreamy state, or  people thinking about situations in a dreamy state, was not quite for me.

I give this show 3.5 out of 5. Till next time...


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