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Working in Remote Locations.

Today I worked in a remote location. A place, where wilderness surrounded me. Nothing but fog, and rain followed me all day. 40 minutes away from a hospital. With a gray, fenced in location, with some industrial equipment in the area. Checking several systems, to ensure they were all ready to go. Maybe it is not that remote, but it sure felt like it...

We always wonder about working alone. Companies, always give the advice to keep a radio on your person. If you should fall, or get hurt, you can radio in for help. True enough, and as many times as I possibly can, I take a radio with me. Sometimes, I do forget, to take a radio. We are only human, after all.

But, there more new ways to be seen as technology comes with new ideas to help with people working in remote locations. A device that you can wear, that if you stay still for too long of a period, will sound an alarm. Nobody sleeps on the job these days, anyways! It will generate a call, to somewhere. People will come hopefully looking. I seen this done, as advertised on TV, with seniors who are alone. I think it is more, of  a fall apparatus. Nonetheless, the idea is there.

There is also electronic devices you can place on your ear, after you work a long night shift. The alarm will beep loudly, if your eyes begin to shut. It just works on the motion of your head, tilting forward. A good idea.

There are some ways around certain bad elements of our workplaces. There is no substitute for two working in a remote location. Just that it is more safe, and electronic gadgets can fail too. But, money savings by companies are to be had. Sometimes, they can still create allot of false alarms. More worry, for no worry. Soon an electronic phone will be enough, to send a signal when a person falls and does not get up. Will the ambulance get their in time, working in a remote location? We still got to charge, buy new batteries, for the things. I am their slave.

Did not even have time to work on my First Draft today... Have a good evening, till next time...


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