Wolf may have been shot in Caraquet - St Simon area.

At first, they thought it may have been a coyote. But, it weighed approximately 90 lbs. They are sending the animal for DNA tests to determine if it maybe a wolf, or a mix breed of coyote wolf.  Last time a wolf was killed in the province, was back in 1876.

The story ran in the CBC news. Here is a link to it, to see the picture of the animal.


I always thought, that there could be wolves out there, in the backwoods of New Brunswick. Even if they did have a cull, how would they know if they shot each and every one of them. It is impossible to scan each and every corner of the woods, after all. Another animal, the lynx is on the endangered species list, but its growing number of sightings puts into question their listing.

The eastern Cougar is said to be gone from New Brunswick Forest as well. But, these animals can travel 100s of kilometers. Who is to say, one could not make it over from Quebec, which has a large amount of forestry lands.

Here is a link showing a picture of one, from the Montreal Gazette.


Then, there is the problem of co existing with the human population. Can we allow the wolves to return to N.B.? Can we allow the Cougars to return to our forests as well?  Personally, I believe there is a place for these animals far away from our rural villages and towns. In national parks, if we can contain them there. We have heard of even coyotes attacking people, and killing them. For this reason, governments must keep populations extremely low, in order to protect the general population. While it appears only tracks were found of Cougars in N.B back in 1992,  it would be a frightening experience to meet face to face with one in the woods.

Always take precautions when travelling in the woods,  never go alone, go in groups if necessary. Carry a 30 feet or greater pepper spray mace can, with a wide spray. This way, no accuracy is required in order to defend yourself. It did work in repelling a cougar away, during an attack a long time ago in British Columbia.

Besides that, no news on the book. All is quiet, till next time...


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